Managing Mental Health During the Holidays

Solution-Focused Brief Counseling

Solution-Focused Brief Counseling (SFBC) “…is one of the few approaches in counseling that began as evidence-based vs. theory-driven, as most other models were” (Sabella, R. 2020). SFBC is a great model to assist students because it allows the student to open up about how they perceive what is going on around them; encourages them to […]


Aromatherapy by Laurel

Self-care is a critical part to maintaining a healthy life. Caring for your mind, body, and spirit can you grow personally and professionally. Over the last four weeks I have been formulating essential oil blends for bath soaks, topical use, and diffusing. Purpose for these products are for reducing stress, anxiety, and ultimately helping the […]


Stay Out of Control…. Sometimes

Artwork Titled: “Bushy Brows, Bushy Mustache” by Laurel Collins Medium used: Digital Sand #thisissand @thisissand Sometimes our most unique experiences become those that we love those most. Sometimes those unique experiences come with minimal thought or planning. It’s okay to not be in control of every single detail. Not everything is meant to be controlled […]