MTSS & SEL – Game Changer

Multi-tier systems of support (MTSS) and social emotional learning (SEL) can be a game changer in the world of academics if merged together properly, effectively, and with fidelity. The biggest key to getting the marriage started off on the right path is to shifting the mindset of our educators about MTSS. It is crucial that […]


To My Nurse Friends

A nurse friend of mine recently shared how she was feeling about working during this time of COVID to her Facebook friends and family. Her fiancĂ© had planned a wonderful getaway for her to decompress from the stress she had been experiencing. I was thrilled for her mini vacation and was happy she had an […]


Positive Mindset

I am Beautiful. I am Confident. I am The Perfect Age, The Perfect Size, The Perfect Woman. prolificliving.com I can accept anxiety will happen, but it does have to be overwhelming, and I can breathe, and Find Inner balance. everydayaffirmations.org What others think of me is their choice and what I think of myself is […]