Managing Mental Health During The Holidays


The holidays are supposed to be cheerful, joyous, and a time for celebration. Even with this positive outward look on the holidays, the holidays can bring about an overwhelming sensation that leads to anxiety and depression. The hustle and bustle can become chaotic and stressful, even anxiety provoking. Full calendars, hosting parties, traveling, attending performances, seeking the right gift or maybe not being able to purchase gifts at all due to financial burdens can leave an individual completely drained.

Tackle the stress, anxiety, and depression of the holidays by implementing these strategies:
● Take a walk in the sunlight light or well lit area
● Do not cancel therapy to attend other activities; plan activities around your therapy
● Do not spend what you cannot afford; avoid additional debt; handmade gifts are more
thoughtful and time spent together is priceless
● Give mindfulness a try; mediation can restore the body and mind if done properly and
wholeheartedly; enjoy some quiet time and relaxation (listen to calming
● Create realistic goals

Even though the holidays are meant to be spent with family – does not mean you ignore your
mental health. When you ignore your mental health the holidays are no longer cheerful or

Practicing mindfulness can help alleviate stress especially in conjunction with therapy. If
mindfulness is new to you look into meditation for beginners. The Public Schools of Robeson
County has a great Virtual Calming Room website with various sounds, music, videos, and
activities to help manage stress that can lead to depression and anxiety.

Happy Mental Health,
M. Laurel Collins, MA Ed, NCC, LCMHCA

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