Aromatherapy by Laurel

Self-care is a critical part to maintaining a healthy life. Caring for your mind, body, and spirit can you grow personally and professionally.

Over the last four weeks I have been formulating essential oil blends for bath soaks, topical use, and diffusing. Purpose for these products are for reducing stress, anxiety, and ultimately helping the client reduce stress during their self care time. Natural remedies can be used boost mental health, be incorporated in ways to improve physical discomfort triggered by stress, and finding balance during spiritual meditations.

My products are created for your to use on the go, while at work, in your home, during meditations, or spiritual meditations. In the future I plan to use my products to help clients during therapy sessions.

I would love to hear from potential customers. Share with me some of your favorite scents. Scents that are relaxing, calming, invigorating, or positively stimulating. Feedback will help me formulate better combinations of essential oils, carrier oils, and other mediums to provide the best products to you – the customer. If this peaks your interest please take a minute or two to complete the attached survey. Thank you in advance.

Go to Laurel’s Aromatherapy page and take a look at what I have formulated so far. Diffusing products are only in sample sizes at this time. More to come in a few weeks.

*Disclosure these are not FDA approved. These are not to replace professional therapy practices or medications prescribe by medical providers. If you have sensitive skin please beware these products do contain essential oils and some have almond oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil.

Love & Peace, Laurel

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