Anxiety Is Real

Anxiety is real. With proper professional help and treatment you can move forward! Watching the movie Angst via ASCA @ Home 2020 Conference. If you haven’t watched it — it is a must see.

I am well acquainted with anxiety and for years I never knew what was going on with me. It wasn’t until it hit me so hard I had to go to a doctor because I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. This is when I discovered I had been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

Medication helped for awhile. A few years later after I experienced some major life changes — I reached an all time low. I finally had to reach out for additional professional help — now I know what is transpiring during those times when anxiety creeps in and now I know how to help myself.

Now I can better help others not only because I have the book knowledge, skills, educational degree, and all those letters trailing behind my name but because I have experienced it. Sometimes experience is our BEST teacher. I have experienced being the client — being in the chair across from the professional helper.

I hope this provides comfort and encouragement to someone. It is time to end stigma surrounding mental health. There is HOPE. You are NOT alone.

Happy Mental Health, Laurel

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