What To Do When Your Words Cannot Break Through

Numerous times I have found my words where unable to breakthrough to others as far as understanding. I use the word ‘understanding’ very broadly (understanding of — thoughts, opinions, ideologies, situations, etc.).

I have found my words to be misconstrued, twisted, or better yet – never given an opportunity to be understood, only to be seen in one perspective.

As I have grown older, wiser, and furthered my education… I have truly attempted to understand others or situations even when it went against every fiber of my being in the last eight to nine years. Now, I find myself asking: why risk my peace and mental health for those who do not give the same effort?

So how do you respond when your words cannot break through? Honestly, I am sure I DO NOT have the perfect answer but I have the answer that works perfectly for me, in my life. When faced with those situations — I accept there is nothing more I can do with my words regarding them or those situations but I can pray about it all… between me and God alone. Then, I proceed to further my knowledge via education whether formally or informally, soul searching, including seeking guidance from God.

I continue to love people, I continue to be kind, I continue to be respectful, I continue to improve myself, and I continue to remind myself I cannot fix the world but I can continue to care for myself and others, even if caring for others is at a distance. I can never be of assistance to others if my peace of mind is shattered.

Peace and Love, Laurel

P.S. Praying for all those hurting — in constant pain (physically, mentally, spiritually), for those lost and do not know which way to turn. As Lauren Daigle sings “Look Up Child”. This song is my personal reminder I must trust Him.

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