Navigating Uncharted Territory and Practicing Mindfulness

My first voyage of Blogging

For those of you checking in on my new adventure of blogging, bare with me as I figure out how to properly navigate the technical details of creating pages, sites, links, etc.

I have had a few mishaps in setting up pages properly. For example: one of my links would say The Black Hole but then once clicked it would be the Managing Life page. Thankfully, after roughly two or three hours combined I discovered my mistake.

So far I have enjoyed this new adventure. It has been slightly hectic especially since I am currently working remotely while simultaneously caring for my three old. My personal life and my professional life just became a mashup due to COVID-19. With that being said I am forever grateful for my husband for helping me on the days he does not have work. Our son is extremely energetic and loves for me to be heavily involved in whatever he is doing (I must be doing something right if he wants me around that much).

My self care and mindfulness

Managing personal endeavors with mommy duties and work responsibilities can be rewarding as well as tiring. This is why it is important to find time for myself even if it is only five minutes. If I cannot manage finding time for myself I will choose to do something I enjoy that I can include my son in. Lately, that has been landscaping work in our yard. We have planted some trees, shrubs, and flowers. My son helped with filling in holes and watering. Granted he ended up watering his farm animals as well as using the dirt on his miniature farm.

While working in my flower bed or planting a tree I give as much focus as I can to what I am doing. Focus on how I am using the tools of digging and planting. Focus on how my body feels digging the holes, shoveling dirt, and how it feels to have my hands in the soil. I focus on how the sun feels on my body. I focus on the sound of my son’s laughter and giggles as he finds a new bug.

Many may read this and say landscaping is work, it is stressful, and agonizing… it probably is for others but for me it is relaxing. I am able to release stress when digging and shoveling that dirt. Releasing tension maybe even a little anger at times. When planting the tree it is rewarding to know I am adding beauty to the yard. It is peaceful knowing I placed a tree back in nature where it belongs and it is no longer in a plastic container. The sun is like a big warm blanket wrapped around my body. Granted it can getting ‘really hot’ where I live but it lets me know I am alive living my best life at that moment. Then there is my son… the joy he brings to my life and his laughter is healing in itself.

Self Care and Mindfulness For You

Time to yourself and self care may look similar or different from others. Reading a book, listening to relaxing music (my personal favorite classical music), getting a massage, or simply taking a stroll around the yard.

Practicing mindfulness during this time to yourself can help alleviate tension, worry, anger, headaches (if there is no underlying medical issues), and many other symptoms that might arise. By focusing completely on yourself and nothing else can be calming, relaxing, and therapeutic.

Being aware of how your body and psyche (mind, soul, spirit) is reacting can help you determine your next steps. For example, stress. Stress could cause mental and physical ailments. Understanding how stress it is impacting you can help determine – is this something you can resolve on your own or do I need to seek professional medical care or professional mental health care.

During this unique time we are facing with COVID-19 I am sure many of us have begun to experience anxiety, anger, loneliness, and possibly even some depression. With all that being said… if this is you… get up from your screen and do something enjoyable. Read a new book or one of three books you started and never finished because you became too busy (that is me). Ride your bike. Take a walk in nature and actually take in the view without technology in hand. Mediate while you are in nature. If you enjoy creating artwork create your next masterpiece. If you have artist’s block just sling some paint onto a canvas… let all those emotions out, throw them on that canvas (I have done this and it made me feel better). Whatever brings you joy – FIND it, DO it, and bring balance back to YOUR life.

Hopefully, this was helpful to someone… I know it was enjoyable for me to type. Stay safe and find your happy psyche!

Peace and Love, Laurel

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